Cosplay Appreciation Day Part 3

Showing off and appreciating some of my gorgeous cosplay friends.

derpderpmotherfuckers - If I have to pick a “senpai”, it is this person right here, no contest. Vikki commits to her characters and her outfits, and the effort she puts into her cosplays really shows. I also have stated several times that I absolutely adore her Karkat and Signless cosplays. I also serenaded her the first time I met her in person (she had to remind me to because I got shy when I saw her at NYCC but I did in fact drop to my knees and sing Boston’s More Than A Feeling). I really, REALLY look forward to hanging out with her, and hopefully cosplaying with her, in the future.

friendleaderp - what a kawaii. No seriously, she was so sweet when I met her at NYCC and hanging out with her was an absolute BLAST, I’m only sorry that our time together was really short. She’s another person who fully commits to her character, and it really shines through in both her photos and in her performances in panels. I hope that I can get way more hang time with her in the future. (Hopefully we’ll be able to be our knight god tiers together!)

vintage-aerith - I LOVE LAUREN OKAY. No seriously, when meeting her we clicked SO WELL and I absolutely adore her. The work that she puts into her outfits is stunning, and I hope to rise to her level of experience one day! She was one of the first Rose cosplayers I had ever been shown when I was first getting into Homestuck, and she’s still someone I very much look up to.

buttpilgrim - TIM. Tim was so nice and welcoming to me at AnimeNEXT, when I first met most of the people I’m gushing about in these posts. He’s such a laid back, chill guy, and his Equius cosplay is absolutely fantastic. Not just because of the outfit itself, but because he really dedicates himself to the character. I love this guy a lot.

lindzar - Oh boy. Not going to lie, for a very long time I was in the legions of people who would do a lot of things just to be able to breathe the same air as Lindsay. She was one of the first Dave cosplayers I was introduced to early on, and still remains on my list of favorite Daves. I was so excited and nervous to meet her at AnimeNEXT and she ended up being one of the most chill, friendly people I’d ever met at a con. I also adore her Prussia cosplay, and I love pretty much everything she does because she brings such a level of quality to the table, and has so much fun with it. I’m bummed les8ifin cosplay didn’t end up working out, but we have enough common interests that hopefully we’ll be able to collaborate in the near future.

sodii - Not even going to lie, I had the biggest crush on this girl while her Loki cosplay was circling around tumblr, and meeting her at Otakon was absolutely mind-blowing. But Bailey’s makeup skills are fantastic, and her Lady Loki is GORGEOUS. Everything she produces is quality - she sewed a gorgeous dress for her friend in one night, for the love of god. I can’t wait to cosplay Avengers with her in the future. 

gardengnostic - Let me tell you how much I adore Tatum. She’s a huge cutie patootie, a huge sweetie, and she looks absolutely wonderful in every cosplay she creates. It pains me that she lives all the way down south from me, and it’s my dream to meet her in person and give her a huge hug and grab some pictures. She produces nothing but quality. She loves what she does, and it really shows.

ellanutellacosplay - SPEAKING OF FRIENDS WHO ARE FAR AWAY, my darling Ella is absolutely precious and literally on the other side of the country from me. We met her by chance on omegle one evening, and she recognized us from our McDonald’s video on youtube. She’s absolutely sweet, and her Jade and Jane cosplays are some of my favorites. 

mortson - I’ve only JUST been introduced to Calvin, but he left an absolutely stunning first impression! He is the most fun person to be around, he embodies Jake English in the truest spirit, it almost felt like the character himself was hitting on me while I was Aranea! I can’t wait to get to see him more in the future.