Homestuck Relationships: The Forgotten 

As per request, here are some cute relationships often forgotten by the Homestuck fandom:

  • Vriska and Feferi have a cute little friendship going on. They tease each other and Vriska is impressed by Feferi’s cleverness. I think since they have similar relationships with their lusus (having to kill others to feed it), Vriska thinks Feferi is great for keeping upbeat while dealing with the situation. 
  • Vriska and Karkat have an odd relationship. They are antagonistic towards each other, but treat each other with respect. Vriska enjoys flirting with him and Karkat likes insulting her in her advances, which she thinks it fun. 
  • Nepeta appears to be good friends with Aradia. She is one of the few trolls that gets along with Aradia after her death. They were also part of the same FLARP group! Note: Nepeta being part of that group is forgotten often as well, mostly because she was not at the only role playing event shown when Tavros lost his legs, which resulted in death of Aradia, Terezi’s blindess, and Vriska’s injuries. Equius apparently kept her from going to that session. 
  • Terezi and Sollux were originally friends before the game and Sollux chose her   to lead the read team before Karkat intervened. Since Sollux went blind, he asks Terezi for tips on dealing with it. Blind buddies!!
  • Jade and Kanaya became friends due to their similar roles in the game. 
  • Eridan and Karkat are on very good terms. Karkat doesn’t mind constantly helping Eridan out with his romantic problems, which he appreciates. They also often gossip about the other troll’s relationships. Karkat developed a hatred for Eridan after he killed Kanaya and Feferi, but even after yelling at past Eridan for his future self’s crimes, he simply asks Karkat what’s wrong and how he could help. 
If anyone can think of more, feel free to pop them in the ask box and I’ll add them to the list!!

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Ugh I know EVERYONE forgets that Terezi and Sollux are friends so I’m over here in my corner, shipping Terezi<>Sollux by myself. GUYS THEY’RE PERFECT MOIRAILS SERIOUSLY THEY’RE BLIND BUDDIES AND EVERYTHING

Karkat and Eridan is one of my favorite relationships, and everyone forgets that they were friends. my babies.

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