If your boyfriend/girlfriend lives 8+ hours away (or in a different country!!) they are NOT your boyfriend girlfriend. Your relationship isn’t real! And you’re not going to make.

It’s sad that people are so desperate for human companionship that they resort to these pseudo-relationships. Get some self respect…and maybe some real life friends.

Holla at me. 

Prepare your anus, as I am about to fuck you up with a verbal penis that is just dying to violate your tight, ignorantly-opinionated asshole. Also I will “holla” at you here and in your ask or something idk you need to read this.

I have been with my current boyfriend Colton now for about half a year. 6 months. Late September was when I first spoke with him, here of all places. That’s right; I posted a picture of myself and he stumbled upon my blog somehow and it’s been chemistry ever since. Talking on skype all night, texting all day… phone calls, video chats… times were rough; feelings were shared but as two 19 year olds in college just trying to succeed in school for a career one day, we had little idea that anything would work out, especially given the fact that I lived in New York and he in Texas. We took chances every day. Every moment was a risk, every word, every feeling. But in the end, after wading through a sea of “what ifs,” through constant conflict and obstacles all set to test just how much we truly cared for the other, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting him in February… and let me tell you it was quite a rare and breathtaking experience. And would you like to know why it was so magical?

Not just because I got to finally kiss him. But because I got to kiss the man, the personality, and the friendship held behind those lips.

In the four months or so that we were only based around our electronic devices, we were forced to focus not on our looks or physical charm, but on our minds. Our hearts. Our souls. In most “domestic” (for lack of a better word) relationships, the way it works is this: you’re attracted to somebody, you talk to them, go on a date, kissing/dating/sex/marriage/etc is all mixed together in whatever order a couple takes that as, and that’s that. My point is - you only ever start with the physical stuff, and THEN you learn about the other more and more. Very rarely in today’s world does a couple get to learn about the SOUL of the other before the intimacy occurs; I am not going to generalize and say that this is with all domestic relationships because then I would sound just as ignorant and foolish as you did posting this.

Colton and I knew what we looked like. But that’s not why we connected. The first two months were very limited in communication - mostly text-based only as we got comfortable with each other for video and phone calls. This means we could ONLY SPEAK AND CHAT WITH OUR RAW SELVES. No body language, no calculated risks holding a hand or kissing a cheek. We didn’t have ANY of that to go by. We only had each other.

And that… that is all I ever wanted!

It was difficult being without the physical things for the long time, but I’ve realized that if we had them, we wouldn’t be as thankful now. We wouldn’t understand what real love, UNABASHED TRUE BLUE LOVE, would be without having to look within ourselves and share with the other our greatest passions, fears, dreams, shortcomings, hopes… even talking and sharing with Colton the textbook “boring” things of my day (“What’s up?” “I have class.” “That sucks!”) made our relationship more real than I could ever dream of.

And that is why I think the online relationship really works and could perhaps be MORE powerful than with someone you see each day. You learn to be grateful for all of the moments you have with them, instead of pushing them away when they become too much. You learn to deal with the disappoints to embrace the happiness. Small victories are bigger than you could ever imagine, and larger ones make you feel the greatest happiness you could ever know. You learn their hearts, inside out, and they yours. They get you. Colton gets me, and I get him, and we tend to surprise ourselves a lot with that fact.

The shit that they write about in books: I have that. I know I do! I knew from the very moment we spoke, from the very moment his written words created a passion and love within me that I would never feel if I had met him physically first, while his voice claimed my every wish of love and assured me things would be okay. All relationships in life - romantic, platonic, family-based - have a special way of coming (and sometimes going) in our lives. Each is unique and we learn something new and different from each person who touches us in some way.

Kissing him at 11pm on that cold, rainy February night in the airport after he rode a plane for the very first time just to see me, I knew this to be true. The kiss itself did not solidify our relationship - it was sloppy and silly and we laughed the whole time! Just knowing that we could withstand the boundaries, we could make the “impossible dreams” of months ago become a beautiful, passionate reality? …

THAT’S how I knew we would be okay! And that’s how I know that there’s nothing that can stop us. I am fully confident in this relationship because we are strong. We are over 1700 miles and a timezone strong.

And it doesn’t matter what you say, opinion or not - love is love. No matter where it starts.

Don’t ever let anybody like this tell you differently, tumblr!!!!

And then Meaghan ripped this person a new asshole and we all called it a night.